You almost certainly found this short article since you had been looking for a guitar notes training, but to be honest everything you really need is just a little audio theory. Sure, the dreadful audio idea is hard work, but when you understand the fundamentals, you will know much more than any basic guitar chords training could teach you! So I’m going to spell out in this informative article what a note is and how it’s constructed.

Therefore what exactly is just a guitar note anyhow? Effectively no matter what instrument you enjoy a note is really a chord. It does not subject if it’s played on guitar, piano or some other instrument. Ok, what’s a note? In easy terms, a note in audio is any three records played together at the exact same time. So if you were to strum three open strings on your guitar right now, you’d have played a note! It may perhaps not sound that great, but it’d still be a chord played on the guitar.


In a normal sense a note is composed of 3 particular records, which have been named and numbered whilst the “origin”, “third” and the “sixth “.Depending on which these records have คอร์ดเพลง in the chord determine if the note is just a major note, modest chord, reduced chord or any other variant.

To talk about how or why a chord could be significant, slight, diminished, increased or other things moves beyond the scope of this lesson. If you wish to know why a chord is named just how it is called, you need to examine scales, periods and the titles of those intervals. I will protect this in future posts and instructions but also for so you have learned a couple of important things.


We’ve protected in this guitar chords session that chords are the foundation of music. Chords on guitar are no unique of any musical instrument. We have also discovered that in order to have a chord, there should be 3 notes played at the same time. Last however not least, we’ve discovered that the original chords are comprised of a origin, next and a fifth.

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